$CB Travel Money Cashbrokers Edinburgh Todays Euro Rate €1.115 Dollar Rate $1.534

Major Currencies 6th October 2010

Currency Code SELL BUY
(currency to customer) (currency from customer)
European Euro EUR 1.115 1.217
United States Dollar USD 1.544 1.685
Australian Dollar AUD 1.571 1.740
Canadian Dollar CAD 1.543 1.717
Bulgarian Lev BGN 2.124 2.431
Czech Koruna CZK 26.617 30.048
New Zealand Dollar NZD 2.023 2.263
United Arab Emirates AED 5.589 6.220
South African Rand ZAR 10.436 11.726
Egyptian Pound EGP 8.277 9.878
Polish Zloty PLN 4.287 4.862
Swedish Kroner SEK 10.115 11.311
Swiss Franc CHF 1.462 1.635
Norwegian Kroner NOK 8.782 9.821
Danish Kroner DKK 8.137 9.100
Japanese Yen JPY 125.927 141.148


About Cash Brokers Edinburgh

Edinburgh Travel Money- Why do Bank Staff send their customers to Cash Brokers Edinburgh for Travel Money? Why do Post Office and M&S staff choose us? We have tremendous rates and 0% commission. In the heart of Edinburgh City Centre just behind Burger King Princes Street. 01316236213 Email; edinburgh@cashbrokers.co.uk
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